Services Offered:​​

Sports Injury Recovery: ​We've all heard it will be 4-6 weeks for recovery....what happens when that 4-6 weeks turns into 6 months? Create healthy ways to mange the anxiety, depression, change in identity, and pain experience from an injury. 

Mental Health Recovery: The mental health of the athlete is often overlooked. The successful athlete takes as much care of their mind as their body. 

Life After Sports: Manage the - "What happens to my identity after my sports career ends?"  Learn to use the unique skills you developed as an athlete in your daily life to continue to find purpose. 

​Regardless of the circumstances you face you are and always will be an athlete.  


Coaching Packages: 

Gold: $250 -  Athlete Assessment + 3 Coaching Sessions 

Silver: $125 - Athlete Assessment + 1 Coaching Session

Bronze: $75 - Athlete Assessment 

*Individual coaching sessions starting at $60 per hour


Help From A Professional:

Aloha from Sarah Weyenberg, I am a clinical mental health counseling professional and former professional athlete. I have experience managing sponsorships, career ending injuries, training, coaching, managing anxiety and depression as an athlete, and competing at the highest level in my sport of stand up paddleboard racing. I understand the extreme range of emotions and experiences that come from being an athlete. I've gone from the best fitness and highest performance of my life to having to make the decision to end my racing career because of injuries and to take care of my mental health.  My hope is that my experience can be of help to you by meeting you in your journey as an athlete. 


"Mental Health is an invisible thing but it touches all of us at one point or another. It's part of life." - Kevin Love   

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